BI Software Developer - BIソフトウェア開発者

Job Number: 173690 Primary Location: Tokyo Capital Area
Schedule: Full-time Organization: Japan Sales & Services
BI Software Developer

Design, development and maintenance engineer of BI tool for our large-scale database system

You can participate in projects that can not be experienced by other companies, 
such as handling large amounts of data (big data), and can broaden the range of activities as a engineer.

Main activitiies are providing design, development and maintenance services for BI tools to our customers.
In addition to designing, developing and maintaining according to the your capability, 
as a BI consultant, you will be involved in providing more advanced services.
Also, you will acquire the ability to participate in the DWH construction project as a technical leader in the future.

Training for our products, we are preparing abounding curriculum, but all courses will be in English.

VB.NET and Windows / IIS skills required
Especially knowledge of Windows Server and Client is important
ADO.NET knowledge essential, knowledge of debugibg and cording on VB 6 / VBA essential.
It continues to be more than 3 years of experience in the Web application development with ASP.NET
Java / Swing and Java Web Start application development skills required
More than 3 years of experience in the Web application management / development with Jboss
minimum 1  year of experience continuing application development on either VB 6 or VB.NET or both
VB6 or VB.NET or both, experience of more than one year to continue the application development

Microsoft Certified Professional certificate holder for application development or Windows Server
Experience open system development,  RDB design and build
Experience in IT service operation
English knowledge required 

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