Senior Data Scientist

Job Number: 173919 Primary Location: Brussels Belgium
Schedule: Full-time Organization: TB International
Primary Responsibilities:
As a Senior Data Scientist I, you will perform analysis, and be responsible for implementation and support of large scale data and analytics for our clients. You will work in a team whose data science efforts range from exploration and investigation to design and development of analytic systems. Your technical leadership is extracting meaning from large scale, unstructured data is coupled to your ability to work with engineering teams to integrate and underlying systems as Think Big provides Big Data solutions to clients.

Secondary Responsibilities:
Additional responsibilities include providing technical leadership in a team that designs and develops analysis systems to extract meaning from large scale and unstructured data and develop software to extract and integrate with underlying systems. Mentor sophisticated organizations on large scale data and analytics and work with client teams to deliver results. Facilitate with general purpose programming and data integration in addition to mathematics and machine learning knowledge.

Job Qualifications: 
Coursework in mathematics, statistics, machine learning and data mining
Proficiency in R or other math packages (Matlab, SAS, etc.)
Experience working with customers
Excellent programming skills and experience developing production-quality software
SWL and relational database programming
Excellent programming skills in object-oriented languages
Adept at learning and applying new technologies
Excellent verbal and written communication skills
Strong team player capable of working in a demanding start-up environment

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Familiarity with Hadoop
Data warehousing and business intelligence systems
Advanced SQL
Familiarity with Hive, Pig, Avro, Scribe, Cascading, Tap
Experience with Data modeling
Understanding of NoSQL databases (e.g., HBase, Cassandra, Mongo DB, CouchBase)
Experience working with unstructured data
Experience with Java
Dynamic and/or functional languages (e.g., Python, Ruby, Perl, Clojure)
Agile development methodology
Data integration
Cluster and grid computing
Cloud computing
Designing and tuning high performance systems

Job Abilities: 
Must be able to sit for long periods of time working on computers. Must be able to travel to client sites at least 50% of the time. Must be able to interact and communicate with the client in meetings. Must be able to write programming code in applicable languages. Must be able to write project documentation in English.

BS or MS in Computer Science or related degree or equivalent work experience; MSCS preferred

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